Heather L. Damon

Heather L. Damon discovered at a young age that she loved to make her friends and family laugh with goofy antics, funny videos, and general good-natured craziness in public.  In junior high, she molded every school project into some sort of fun performance in order to entertain her classmates.  Heather has played the ridiculous Witch Doctor Tutu in the play the Lost City of the Nunus, and portrayed a gruff voiced Heidi Klum in a take off of Project Runway.  Eventually, Heather’s love of laughter developed into a passion for sketch comedy in particular – the perfect medium for Heather to try out all the silly characters she could dream up and poke fun at.  For Heather, nothing is as invigorating as a room full of riotous laughter, especially when Heather herself is inducing the laughter.  Heather is a missionary for comedy, and doesn’t see humor as the unnecessary icing on the cake-of-life, it is in fact the central ingredient to a satisfying and happy cake-of-life.

Heather’s parents are actors, musicians, and funny people as well, and so she was blessed to have been encouraged to study theater throughout college.  During her time earning a B.A. at UC Davis, Heather found a good friend who was just as excited as she to collaborate on many short film sketch ideas.  Heather also took several Drama courses thereby gaining experience acting and directing, she participated in A.C.T’s Summer Training Congress in 2008, and obtained a lead role the same year in Philip Kan Gotanda’s new play #5 The Angry Red Drum performed at UC Davis.  She wishes to remind readers that, though she fell flat on her face and HARD during her most dramatic exit on opening night, she showed enough skill to retain her composure, remain in character, and drag herself dramatically off stage where she was free to laugh and cry hysterically in turn.  In the summer of 2010, Heather began taking Sketch Acting classes at the San Francisco Comedy College with instructor and comedian Sammy Wegent.  During the first classes she met five more fun people willing to found our beloved sketch comedy troupe S.M.I.R.K. and she still finds it difficult to keep from hyperventilating for the sheer excitement of it all.  In her 24 years, Heather Damon has always lived close to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other Talents

Driving a stick shift, singing in churches and bars (i.e. wherever her father happens to be playing the piano), riding her horse Carlos, freaking people out with her double jointedness, playing the djembe, and snuggling any cat she can find.

Interesting Factoid

They call her Triscuit because she may be whole grain, but she’s still just a white cracker.

In Action



  1. Velma Mae says:

    I think that the very talented, intelligent, gorgeous and funny Heather Damon should be in more sketches … in fact the three videos I watched had only men … this is, after all, 2011 MEN!! let the ladies in!! *calms down* but seriously I am looking forwards to the show tomorrow evening … break some legs people!!

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