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  • Suzanne Mele

    Suzanne Mele

    Hi there. I moved to San Francisco almost three years ago from the sweaty city of Washington, DC, where I hammed it up with friends on many a do-it-yourself stage performing drag, in bands, with a karaoke mic in my hand or shamelessly shakin’ dat ass on the dance floor. I have been testing out material on our nation’s youth for the past ten years through my day job as a social worker. I basically bomb everyday, but damn does [&hellip

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  • John D’Andrea

    John D’Andrea

    A native Bostonian, John likes to make people laugh and is thrilled to have the opportunity to do sketch comedy here in the Bay Area. Though a shy child, eight-year-old John found it fun and easy playing his first theatrical role, Pud in “On Borrowed Time”, his town’s high school play. It’s a somewhat arcane play about cheating death. Not surprisingly, John was happy to play the grim reaper (also a drunken sod and an enforcer) in “Sara’s Choice”, a [&hellip

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  • Jon L. Zuo

    Jon L. Zuo

    Jon has been given a second chance on life and is taking the opportunity to perform in Smirk SF. As a founding member of this diverse group, he brings a cool demeanor or a unabashed silliness depending on the needs of a scene. Being a creative for a living, he uses his experiences from the troupe to inform the other parts of his life such as brainstorming, making presentations, or simply bringing levity to the meeting room. He has always [&hellip

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  • Kristina Henderson

    Kristina Henderson

    Kristina began her performing career at the age of 4. She was cast as Clara in the Nutcracker due to her ability to sit quietly for extended periods of time. This was followed by 6 years of dance classes, including modern, jazz, and ballet. Notable performances included originating the role of Green Gummy Bear. Kristina’s first speaking part occurred as her role as the Sun in the second grade performance of the Fir Tree. Both lines were well-articulated thanks to [&hellip

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  • Catherine Luedtke

    Catherine Luedtke

    Cat Luedtke is ecstatic to be a founding member of S.M.I.R.K. She has been putting on costumes and creating characters since the age of four, performing classic ‘living room and playground theatre’ for family and friends. And then came “The Young Ones”, “Three of a Kind” “The Fast Show” …as a kid who grew up in the Thatcher’s Britain, amid coal strikes and the Cold War, these irreverent, smart and often political comedy shows stole her heart. Skipping school to [&hellip

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  • Marco Rodriguez

    Marco Rodriguez

    Marco Rodriguez is one of the founding 6 members of S.M.I.R.K. He is the maniac of the group. He goes 0 to crazy faster than anyone around. He has a wide range of characters he likes to perform. His favorite to date has been Liza Minnelli. He enjoys yelling at himself in the mirror and also enjoys reading Us Weekly, weekly. Marco has always been involved in comedy ever since he started talking. Anytime there were any parties or people [&hellip

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  • Heather L. Damon

    Heather L. Damon

    Heather L. Damon discovered at a young age that she loved to make her friends and family laugh with goofy antics, funny videos, and general good-natured craziness in public.  In junior high, she molded every school project into some sort of fun performance in order to entertain her classmates.  Heather has played the ridiculous Witch Doctor Tutu in the play the Lost City of the Nunus, and portrayed a gruff voiced Heidi Klum in a take off of Project Runway.  [&hellip

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