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French Laundry written by Marsha Roberts

Lobster vs Dinner written by Brad Carlton

Smirk SF needs your help and we’re looking for some fresh material for our upcoming show this fall. If you have a sketch that you want to see come to life, we’re your troupe!

Please submit your scripts and we’ll have it read and put up for consideration for our next show.

Still interested? Here’s what you can expect and vice versa.

We consider all material submitted to Smirk SF on loan by the writer. It’s your material and you own it. It’s an obvious point but it needs to be said.

If we move forward with your script, one of our members will champion your sketch and work closely with you as we get it ready for the show.

If you present the sketch to the troupe, we only ask that Smirk SF have first chance in terms of debuting the material. That’s it!

Check out all the sketches written by previous guest writers.

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